A downloadable Entity of destruction for Windows, macOS, and Linux


This game was made for the #gppcc15 to the theme "Genetik und Evolution" (engl. genetics and evolution)


Move Camera: w,a,s,d

Zoom Camera: Mouseweel:

pause/unpause: p

Switch between tools: y + mouseweel (could not be bothered to Implement Input.GetKey(KeyCode.shift) or whatever)

Goal: Survive as long as possible against the sheep

How to do so: after your first seeds grow to adult plants you can pause the game and (By switching the tool to the heart) breed the two plants together. Do this till you don't have enough money left to breed (Counter top right), but make shure you always breed the best plants together. To find out wich plants are the best use the magnifiying glass tool. press play and when you have enough money keep breeding your plants.

Disclaimer: this is my first "real game" that I made. It is full of bugs, plants can do negative damage and the music is sh***.

Install instructions

Unzip the downloaded .zip and open the Unity executable. Dont be confused by the name: BTP Game Jam #1 Level Constructor. I made the Item switch mechanic in there and copied the hole project, deletet everything exept that system... yeah that was stupid

(the video is my submission (german))



PC_Standalone.zip 16 MB

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