A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Planet Traveller is a game made for the second Blackthornprod gamejam.

theme: tiny planets

time: one week

how to play: a,d to move, Space to jump, click and hold the primary mouse button, on a meteorite, to attract him towards the player.

Warning: the game is not polished (as example, the exit button is cut off by the top of the screen, player somethimes "glitches" to the left or to the rigth and the jump doesn't alway's trigger.

note: the game has no sound. maybe play the tetris theme song in the background? or play the game, as if you where death... I don't care.

Install instructions

um.... unzip, open the file, with the game logo... and you are done.


PlanetTraveller.zip 18 MB


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Very interesting minimalistic Artstyle. I love the concept of the game, tho the controls are a bit wonky.